I thought that Apple had some crazy-genius method of categorizing my itunes purchases. They were in such an eclectic line-up (just like me. I'm a real Pisces). At least I thought so until this afternoon, when I went on a little itunes spree. Maybe half of my cousin's gift certificate remains, and all of my pepsi caps are used up. This afternoon, I headed over to the local Borders to use a fast wifi connection instead of my slow as molasses dial up to download some music. Fabulous, except I'm having problems with my wifi.... Luckily, the people at T-Mobile are really nice when I call with my dumb questions. So, I bought a bunch of tunes, including the new Sigur Ros EP, and what many radio formatters would refer to as "golden oldies". The Drive is practically a permanent fixture on my radio dial, so it doesn't surprise me that I have Bob Dylan and The Darkness in the same line-up, Dusty Springfield and They Might Be Giants next to each other. I happened to look at my list after my spending spree, wondering how my songs would be categorized, when I realized what kind of crazy-genius order they're in. They're alphabetical by the artist's first name. My playlist is a little soft right now, very much in the spirit of these lovely, lazy spring days of late. This kind of weather really calls for lying in a sunny spot in the grass, flying a kite, and listening to Joni Mitchell. Vanilla candles and patchouli optional.


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