My show has been extended another week. Again. I always get sick around the time that we get the closing notice on a show. We've gotten ours three times. I'm sick and I'm tired. I'm tired of being sick. I found myself using "Ricola" as a verb the other day, and I hate the sort of grammatical sloppiness that demonstrates.
I've officially finished my xmas shopping for the season. Now, I must gather enough boxes of appropriate size in which to wrap the fabulously diverse gifts that I purchased and made this year. Only two of the objects could go commando under wrapping paper, being already packaged in boxes. Perhaps I've said too much.
I rented Dogma last night from the amazingly crappy video store. As I said to my mother, while standing in the middle of the store, the only thing that recommends that place is its proximity to our house. I have got to join Netflix. They don't really have any foreign films and have sold off a lot of older things that I enjoy, such as Parapluies de Cherbourg and A Midwinter's Tale. And forget trying to get the Tricolor Trilogy there anymore. Anyway... Dogma was a great laugh. I love intelligent commentary on organized religion. Surprisingly sharp.
My pinky hurts, possibly from too many NY Times Xword puzzles and knitting in front of the television. I've finished the back of my cardigan and began one of the front panels. I quickly tired of it. I'm also working on a pair of socks for myself (a bit of a novelty these days), for a bit of gauge relief. The socks are striped. I seem to make striped ones almost exclusively. It is my goal to take all of the ends of my self-striping sock yarns and mix them together in one pair of socks. The effect would be unique, certainly. I re-read the Harry Potter books this past week and noted many references to socks that I'd missed the first time round. Nothing as great as Pablo Neruda's poem, but still amusing in a nerdy fashion.
I'm listening to an old Tori Amos cd, From the Choirgirl Hotel. This was inspired by my purchase of her new album, Tales of a Librarian. It's a greatest hits compilation with some new material. I was primarily interested in the new material, as I own all of her albums. I gave it a spin during sound check at work and thought, I already own these albums. Some of the selections seem arbitrary, but I suppose that is always the case with compilation cds. There will always be favorites that are omitted. Not bad, really, but I prefer the original albums. I may make my own compilation, what with all the free time I'll have after my show closes. That's a scary thought.


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