Rainy days and long pants don't mix. And since I'm 5'-4", all my pants are long.
I went out in search of a new pair of pants, to no avail. I though that I had a promising pair until I headed to the dressing room. I can't really describe the funky way that they pulled, but I blame it entirely on the pants, not my body. Though my body seems made for casual clothing. Sigh...
Why this interest in new clothes when I'm broke? Well, I need interview clothes. I thought I'd get some unemployment rolling in (ha!) and then head down to the new H&M on Michigan Ave. (also known as that storefront that cab drove into about a month ago. Whoops), but then I got an interview for tomorrow. An interview is great, but what am I going to wear? My last workplace was so casual that we could drink on the job, so I don't have a lot of fabulous career-minded ensembles....And I'm a thousand miles away from my lucky Gap outlet.
I tried on a corduroy blazer at Target, designed by Isaac Mizrahi. It was awful. It was oddly boxy, giving one the impression that I was playing dress up in one of mom's suits. That's not the image I want to put forth, so if I land this gig, I'll sink some of the money into a real suit. Or at least a career-minded trip to H&M.
It's funny, when I told my mother about the interview, she asked if I had a good skirt that "we" could put a blazer with. Gave me the impression that she hasn't been paying attention the past 24 years.


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