More adventures in touring. The stage manager quit last week, between the matinee and evening performances. He is not missed. Still, we’re soon to be two persons short on the crew, with many dates left in our short tour. Note that I say persons rather than men; the artistic director/producer of the tour made a point of telling the crew that she thought the production manager should have hired more men. What a limited, sexist view of the world---and very out of step with modern stagecraft. Most of the technicians that I know are women.
Today, we had a few hours off between the lecture/demonstration (which we were initially told that we weren’t required to work) and the show call, during which the master electrician and I headed to Lenox to pay another visit to Colorful Threads. It was one of the quickest trips to the yarn store that I’ve ever made. Karen knew exactly what she wanted. She’s a very organized person. I took a little more time, but ultimately found a beautiful skein of hand-dye in shades of orange and pink, as well as a couple of skeins of sock yarn. When I’ll get to make them up, I have no idea, but I always enjoy finding yarn on the road.
Someone stole Matt's ugly hat tonight at the theatre, which is pretty amusing. Still, it's quite cold here in the industrial northeast, so I told him that he can have the hat that I knit in Burlington. That also means that I must now make or purchase a different gift for the person for whom the hat was intended.


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