Doomsday Nears

I don't mean to sound like one of the crazy people who preach about the end of the world in the park. I'm referring to the CTA doomsday, which is set to come down this upcoming Sunday. I took the bus today and got a memo from the president of the CTA, along with a list of all of the cuts that will be made. It's all too depressing. See my previous post for political rant on this subject. Why isn't public transportation treated seriously in this country? I understand the American love affair with the car, the size of the country (in comparison to little European states), etc., but this seems really unreasonable. Why is public transport the redheaded stepchild of our infrastructure?

I'm also cranky because I faced some train delays today, wholly unrelated to the CTA. One of the Metra trains hit a car, and the power had to be cut off to extract the car from the tracks (and presumably the driver). This caused a big backlog during late rush hour. Fortunately, I wasn't in a hurry and had my Picovoli to work on. Ha. The Picovoli is turning out to be a real pain in the ass. First I accidentally made a moebius strip, then I messed up the waist shaping. I decided to knit without a net and boldly attacked the sleeves without a pattern or any kind of schematics. This, in retrospect, was a mistake. My first clue should have been when my mother said that it had never occurred to her to knit a sleeve that way. I decided to do short rows to turn the very short cap sleeve/very wide strap into a breezy flutter sleeve. I proceeded to go about this in exactly the wrong way. This also involved two rows of single crochet to stabilize the edge. The outcome is ug-o-lee, and when I have the energy, I will tear it out. I was in such denial as I was working on it that I even declared a love for the look of the crocheted edge. I don't think I even fooled myself with that one!

I made a little list of all of my sock yarn while I was bored today. I am a woman obsessed. I can safely say that I do not need to buy any more sock yarn for a while. Fortunately, I missed the Loopy Ewe's sneak-up today (I was at work, without internet access), therefore avoiding the temptation to stash any more fiber. I have a shipment of two "hiatus" colors from Socks that Rock, and then I am truly done. This time I meant it. Check out my Flickr button to see the sock yarns in my collection.


errs said...

Oh dear... a bad knitting and bad commute date. It is so unfair.

I'm so glad my company moved so I can walk to work from the station and not have to fiddle with the CTA.

Just think of all your lovely sock yarn...maybe it'll give you a little bit of zen.

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