The chenille monster is finished! I'm going to think long and hard before attempting another chenille project.
I burned a few cds to give to my grandmother last night. She's still building her cd collection after over a decade of avoiding the technology. Vinyl sounds better, I agree, but it's hard to get anything on vinyl in our neck of the woods. As I put my cd burner to work, my eye fell upon the manufacturer included case inserts. All wrong. So, I dug out my usb adapter and film scanner to make another stab at installing them. I want to make my own cover art! My usb adapter has mysteriously, miraculously decided to work. I will never, ever complain about computer quirks that go my way. The scanner is another matter though. After installing and uninstalling, restarting the comp., etc., it still can't find its driver. If it sin't one thing it's another. However, my one of my sound programs has a label maker, with some decent clip art included. It doesn't satisfy my artistic urge, but it gets the job better than trying to print small on a little insert. Actually, this label maker, which can pull the track info from cddb, is pretty awesome. I can make labels for all sorts of media, like tapes or minidiscs. Maybe I won't get too upset about my film scanner giving me grief after all.


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